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Goloka Incense - Reiki Series - Raku (Grounding)

Goloka Incense - Reiki Series - Raku (Grounding) - Box of 12 packs x 15 Grams

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Goloka Incense - REIKI Series
Fragrance: Raku ("Grounding")

Enjoy this NEW Reiki Series from Goloka Incense. Available in various unique fragrance.
Goloka Incense are made with natural ingredients.

Box of 12 packs x 15 Grams each (about 10 to 15 incense sticks).

All the manufacturing profits for this incense are used for 100% Charitable Activities in India by Goloka.

Made with Natural Ingredients
No Animal Testing,
No Child Labor
100% of all manufacturing profits are used for charity and charitable activities in India
Japanese Inspired Incense Series
Pack of 15 grams (about 10 to 15 incense sticks)

Package Length: 9 Inches

Incense Sticks measures approximately 8.5 inches long.

Caution: Keep our of the reach of children. Only to be lit whilst using a suitable incense holder, which should be placed on a heat/fire proof surface.

Goloka Incense - Reiki Series - Raku (Grounding) - Box of 12 packs x 15 Grams



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